Introduction to Technical Analysis (Half Day Course)  (Curriculam under development)

This half a day course covers the essentials of technical analysis, whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis, and is designed to get students quickly up to speed and to a level where they can apply TA correctly and confidently in the markets they cover.

  • Technical Analysis
    • Why it works and its limitations
  • Chart types
    • Line, bar, candle and semi-log
    • Using them in different markets and market conditions
  • Support and resistance levels
    • Identifying levels
    • Assessing their strength
    • Expected price movement on the break of levels
  • Trend lines
    • Drawing lines correctly
    • Recognizing trend line breaks and false breaks


Advanced Technical Analysis (One Day Course)   (Curriculam under development)

Advanced Technical Analysis is a one day course for practitioners with market experience who are familiar with the essentials of technical analysis and who would like to delve further into using TA on a regular and integral basis. The course will help delegates find their own way of putting together indicators and studies into coherent strategies – across different asset classes and for different market conditions.

  • Chart patterns
    • The major continuation and reversal patterns
    • How to recognize them and how to project subsequent price moves
    • Continuation and Reversal patterns which work again and again
  • Moving averages
    • The different types of moving average lines
    • Which periods to use
    • Moving average based trading techniques
  • Indicators
    • How to read the RSI
    • Monitor the Trend direction using the MACD
    • Learn to trade using the Stochastic Oscillator
  • Volume
    • Understanding its significance and using volume data with price
  • Fibonacci
    • Why does it work?
    • How to measure retracements
    • How to project objectives
  • What timeframe chart suits your need?
    • How many charts do you need?
  • Money management and risk
    • Risk/Reward ratio
    • How much to risk/trade?
    • How bad can it be?
    • Stop-loss placement
    • Tricks to make profits
    • Understanding stress, pressure, performance, the trading & investing brain and decision making
    • Building winning trading and investing behaviors and overcoming ‘bad’ trading habits
  • A swing trading techniques

Short Term Trading Workshop (Half Day Course)   (Curriculam under development)

Short-Term Trading Workshop is a half-day course designed for all market professionals concerned with finding the precise moment to enter or exit a trading position in any asset class. By looking at a variety of trading techniques and real-time examples, the course shows how to use technical indicators to develop an effective short-term trading strategy. This course can be taken up provided you have completed the first two courses. (Introduction to Technical Analysis and Advanced Technical Analysis)

  • Futures Trading
  • Options Trading